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The Youngest Member of The Bulb Planters

Last month we mentioned the display of daffodils that line the verges of Burghwallis. Planted last October the team of volunteers who planted the bulbs had a keen young helper.



Meet Elizabeth Brown. Last year when the parish council organised volunteers to help plant daffodil bulbs 10 adults turned up and Elizabeth. Split into three planting groups, Elizabeth was part of the middle team who planted bulbs from Six Rood lane down to the Deer field and back. Both sides of the road were planted by Elizabeth who managed to pop in around 600 bulbs of the 1000 bulbs plant throughout the village.

Whilst the adults dug the holes Elizabeth followed and popped three bulbs into each hole before the hole was backfilled. Showing real determination she kept pace with the hole diggers and the job was complete in just over an hour. So as you drive or walk through the village be aware that the daffodils you see in the middle part were all the handwork of Elizabeth.






Elizabeth, who lives in Old Village Street was thought to be five years old but she insists we recognise she is actually 5 3/4 – and don’t forget it. Now in her second year at primary school she loves reading and ultimately wants to be a teacher when she grows up.  In the meantime she loves horses,  CBeebies children’s TV, games on her Dad’s iPad, UGG boots of course and the colour purple. Maybe next year we could develop a purple daffodil and call it the Elizadill. Could get the guys at the Harrogate flower show to sit up a bit.


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