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Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan

Further to the public meeting of the Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan that was very well attended on 19th November it was decided to extend the deadline for the initial views from residents of Burghwallis.

You have the unique opportunity to help plan the way the village could look like in years to come. The Burghwallis neighbourhood plan has a way to go before it is finalised but your input now is essential. If you have not completed the questionnaire please do so as soon as possible and get it back by email to Burghwallisplan@gmail.com

Neighbourhood Questionnaire Deadline Extended to 12th December 2013

Open the Questionnaire  here:-  Flyer 26:11:13

2 comments on “Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan

    • Hello Marie – Rose Cottage is indeed still standing strong as are all of the properties on Village Street, some renovated and a new property built on the old tennis court originally being the land owned by Home Farm. St. Anne’s convent eventually became a nursing home and is now for sale by the owners the Diocese of Sheffield. If you need any more information please get in touch.

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