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Gilets Jaune Spotted Along Abbe’s Walk

Fear not. The ‘Emmaculate’ Macron had not shifted a bunch of rebellious French protesters over to invade Burghwallis to get them out of his hair, or even give us taste of what we will miss when/if/perhaps Brexit happens. This gang of Gilets Jaune chaps were up to some good. It was the annual litter clear up of Abbe’s Walk.

As usual the morons of the world had left all manner of what they don’t need any more behind. 35 bags of life’s detritus lay in the hedgerows along the one mile of Abbe’s Walk. This time the team collected the usual amount of beer and soft drink tins but as a demonstration of increased wealth, a startling number of empty wine bottles.

Our best friends the druggies left around 80 plastic bags filled with the root balls of spent cannabis plants. Obviously these guys had a tidy mind as each root was wrapped in a plastic bag. How thoughtful. Except the bag had to removed to allow the root ball to compost down in the verge and hedrow. In case you think another gang of plonkers could nip along Abbe’s Walk and “rehouse” these fear not these roots are not going to provide any useful happy ingredient from now on. Although rumour has it  cyclists and joggers trotting  along the lane breathing in the air have been seen traveling at significant increased speed.

The interesting finds of the day, you need something to focus on – was a spent iPad along with an oxygen gas bottle, the usual toilet seats, around four pet cat carriers, a green box full of Christmas toys,  car tyres, the ubiquitous underwear and used condoms – quiet a distance apart – we may have   had a streaker. 

Close liaison with the DMBC meant that the residue was collected shortly after it was collected. Rather depressingly the vans arrived on Monday morning already half full of junk collected by the guys enroute to Burghwallis.

If you would like to join in the fun and see what tat we humans feel must avoid the usual waste disposal facilities, contact the Parish Council using the comment box below via or by email


You could join the small and very sociable team that scourge the local highways and byways to clear the eyesore that is dumped rubbish and catch up on the lack gossip and why not.

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