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Web Site Gets An Overhaul

The Burghwallis web site has been in operation for around 5 years in its current guise and needed an overhaul to meet latest security and operational issues.

There are some nasty people in this wide world, not litter dumpers this time, for we are also surrounded by the unscrupulous, the antisocial and criminals that unfortunately abound in our modern world. Web sites are an easy target for these urchins if they are not fully maintained.

Security experts are in a constant battle with these irks who feel it is good sport to hack a web site just to prove they can. The more sinister morons manipulate the code that drives the web site to add scurrilous detail linking it to some online drug store in say Canada. And the utter pond life can trash the site just for the hell of it. This happened to our site 5 years ago.

In order to prevent all these nasty things happening we ensure that the site operates with the latest software. Updates are a constant and comprise of additional features and benefits along with security measures. The latest round caused a bit of clash. To update the site fully to the latest specifications we had to replace the theme that gives it the look and feel.

You are now looking at the fully updated site with a new theme chosen to follow the previous navigation. You will be able to find all the detail you need in the roughly the same layout, a lot easier to read – and with the added benefit that the new look works equally well when using a tablet or smartphone!

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