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Grand Litter Picking Project

The ‘tossers and bogans’ have habitually left a right pile of their rubbish around the village. The Parish Council are organising two chances for volunteers to pitch up to help clear the rubbish and return the village to its pristine appearance – for as long as the Bogans can resist the temptation to give us more of their dross. There are two litter collections opportunities for volunteers to join in.

  1. 30th June to clear Burghwallis Lane and Burghwallis Road. Meet at the junction of Burghwallis Lane and Road at 10.00am
  2. Saturday 9th April – The Abbe’s Walk. Meet at Squirrel Wood entrance at 10.00am

If you can spare an hour to join in the faithful band of volunteers here are the details;

Please contact Brenda Grimes at least 10 days before the event – on tel 01302 727186 to allow her to register you for the event with the DMBC and organise the required number of litter pickers, gloves and hi-viz jackets.

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