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Now You Don’t See It

For those with an eye for street architecture, behold the latest addition to the scene in Burghwallis. This is the space left behind from the removal of the telephone box.

That weird, and long obsolete triangular stainless steel contraption has been removed by BT and made into saucepans. It disappearance was not without drama. Not from telephone box huggers as you might think. The contractors who shifted the phone box forgot to isolate the power supply to it. Now this spot is exactly where the new Parish Council notice board is to be plonked. And the first spade full to dig out for the post holes – yeah you’ve guessed – a few sparks and the guy’s teeth were chattering away like a good’un.  Luckily the contractors reappeared rather promptly and sorted the problem. More news later when the notice board is erected. Regrettably the chance to illuminate it at BT’s expense has dissipated.

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