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Setting Sun Bathes SHL in Glory

Many of us have been trotting down Scorcher Hill Lane (SHL) for constitutional walks. The pandemic has added an extra dimension to the exercise.

The walk is popular as it extends through the countryside allowing us to see the changing seasons up close. The growing crops, the appearance of wild orchids on the verge in the woods, the delicate artistic format of the multi-repaired pot holes. The walk is a tad prone to passing vehicles some of whom slow down and wave at walkers, others believe 60 mph is a given human right, but at least you have a grass verge to step out of the way.

You may wonder why Scorcher Hills Lane is predominately free of litter. This is down to the energetic ‘litterpickin’ efforts of Brenda and Rob Grimes who patrol the Lane almost daily and fill their recycling bin with collected bottles and cans. They also report the larger donations from builders and our drug horticulturalists to DMBC.

In the meantime we can reflect on the appearance of that round shiny thing that brightens the day after a grey winter.

The setting sun catches a magnificent tree and the hedgerow along Scorcher Hills Lane

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