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At Least Burghwallis Has Fresh Litter

Nationally, the most common themes that emerge at local council meetings involve speeding, litter and dog poo – in any order.

But pity the poor folk living in Alderbury in Wiltshire. This village along with Salisbury involved Scripal and Novichok. Alderbury was where the Scripals lived. As a result of the toxic attack in Salisbury the health authorities placed a blanket ban preventing everyone from picking anything up that they haven’t dropped. The ban extended from Salisbury across the southern part of Wiltshire.

You may recall Dawn Sturgess died after inadvertently spraying ”perfume” from a bottle she had found. As nobody knows the lifespan of Novichok in the open or a sealed bottle it could some time before the all clear is given. In the meantime South Wiltshire has amassed four years of dropped litter, and an army of residents waiting frustratingly to get busy with the ‘litterpickin’.

The litter dropped by Tossers and Bogans is still in place where it was thrown. As a bench mark the Burghwallis volunteers collect around 20 bin bags of trash each quarterly outing along our roads and lanes. This is in addition to the add hoc removal by individual residents and the DMBC as they pass. In comparison to Alderbury we have little to complain about, which is in itself an appalling situation.

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