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White Rose Gets Painted Yellow

The White Rose of Yorkshire has taken on a yellow hue. Doncaster is en route for the Tour De Yorkshire and although Burghwallis is not on the official route it’s close enough geographically to join in the celebration.

Grange Lane (1)

Actually the cycling  chaps will scuttle by on the route shown above. As the pelaton (that’s the guys at the front) hits around 45 miles an hour it is like watching a juggernaut rip past on the A1. Thereafter you can see the poor chaps who have had a puncture, a very bad day, too much John Smiths the night before or their chain decided to part company with pedals and all those myriad of gears cogs and whatnot’s. Then it all over for another year.

Abbes Walk

But fear not although the event may be pass by at speed – we will be celebrating at leisure with all manner of yellow bikes. This official graffiti has taken some time to achieve and an embarrassing amount of yellow paint. Bike painting is apparently an art form and subject to a claim from the arts council, but we are in the North and they don’t care a jot for ‘owt north of Watford so this will probably end in tears.

Please note the bike and small arrow is not attempting to contradict the course of the road direction sign it. It is intentionally facing the opposite way ( it says here).

War Memorial 1Yet their is a lesson for us all. Do not leave your bike lying around; if the litter collection team don’t scoop it up – it will be painted yellow and slung up a tree. Young Callum had hardly got off his bike when it was snatched, painted and propped up at the war memorial. Claims that it is for the greater good have met with scant agreement.


Scorcher Hillls


Attention to detail is all. We miss nothing the yellow paint has even been applied to the chain!







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