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Woodman Spare That Tree

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley. The words of Burns hold as good today as when this phrase was penned in 1786, for the newly planted saplings along Scorcher Hills Road have survived a close shave with a flail mower.


Requests by the Parish Council to protect the saplings from a mowing onslaught got a little diluted in the chain of command between the DMBC and the mowing contractor. All is not lost, however, although the mower gave the verge a close shave right up to the saplings and a few got a bit of a nudge most missed the flail. A more detailed inspection is to take place in the next few days when remedial actions will be decided.

Plans to defend the new trees involving volunteers to man a 24/7 outpost to guard the trees, along with the relocation of some world war II anti tank defences, and the erection of a six-foot barbed wire fence were some of the ideas so far rejected. A sign mounted on a six foot post at each end of the planted area may be an option whilst the saplings get established and become more obvious. Kath Waters, Chairperson of the Parish Council said “Whilst it is clear the mower acted as requested and avoided the saplings by mowing a narrow  strip of verge – it was a little close for comfort.”

If you have any (cost effective) defensive ideas please contact the Parish council using the comments box below.

In the meantime the team who diligently planted the trees earlier this year are resolute their efforts were not in vain. There may be some repair work needed and maybe some additional volunteers will pitch in this time..…….


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