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200 New Whips Bound for Burghwallis

Now settle down, this not what you think. The only mucky stuff here is the mud into which the whips are to be planted. A whip is a slender, unbranched shoot or plant. This term is used in forestry to refer to unbranched young tree seedlings of approximately 0.5-1.0 m (1 ft 7 in-3 ft 3 in) in height and 2–3 years old, that have been grown for planting out.

You may recall a couple of years back we planted 450 whips to reconstruct the lost hedgerow along Scorcher Hills Lane . Some of the whips didn’t take and others received a massive hair cut when a contractor set his flail mower reet low and trashed them. The valiant and undeterred Burghwallis planting team will be out again in the spring to replace the gaps and plant another 200 whips donated once again by the Woodland Trust.

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