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Bogans Deliver More Rubbish

The local Bogans have decided that we deserve yet more of their rubbish. Last Wednesday evening a tipper truck reversed down Stoney Croft Lane to deposit a load of household rubbish completely blocking the bridle path.

This festering mass of rubbish bags and household refuse has been ripped open by animals and now lies strewn across the bridle way. Everything from used disposable nappies to appliance packaging have formed a large pile for us all to enjoy.

And so it continues. Whilst the Bogans of the world continue to exist we will possibly be left with their rubbish, or that of some unwitting soul who paid them to deliver the rubbish to a registered disposal site. The CCTV cameras installed along Scorcher Hills Lane have resulted in a significant reduction in dumped rubbish. But Stoney Croft Lane now needs some protection. Possible a nice new gate at our expense to allow horses, pedestrians, and service vehicles through to the pumping station and keep the morons at bay.



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