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Burghwallis Flag Fledges

Not wishing to be outdone, what with the flag waving of the Union Jack ( Queens birthday) St Georges (England rugby and football teams) and the Welsh Dragon ( Wales football team) The Saltire ( Scotland football team) – Burghwallis has trumped the lot for we have raised our own village standard.

The Anne Family crest, officially adopted by the parish council a few years ago is now proudly displayed on the new flag at the War Memorial.

1Burghwallis logo

The problem is because it bears a family crest the augment is whether it is therefore a Banner, Standard, Banderole, Guidon, Pinsel and don’t get me started on Gonfalones. Anyway it looks mighty fine and a tribute to the village and its long history.


If nothing else the type of flag could appear as a great question in the Burghwallis pub weekly quiz ( 9pm on Wednesdays in case you ask).

Bernard Juby an heraldic boffin, and father of Sarah Woodward a past Chairperson  of the parish council who helped configure the modern version of our crest has been secretly asked to provide a hint as to the right answer to the type of flag – just in case it gets nasty in the quiz.

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