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Burghwallis Northern Lights

The north south divide was turned on its head recently. Suddenly living up north treated the local population to a fantastic light display from the aurora borealis, the northern lights no less.

The sun’s activity coupled with clear skies over most of the north of England and Scotland allowed some of us to witness this phenomenon in its stupendous glory. But alas not around Burghwallis. We had an overcast sky, street light pollution and we were just a tad too far south and west of the action. People pay a fortune to travel to Lapland and northern Scandinavia to see the lights and come back without seeing owt.

But in case you feel robbed or maybe live in the south, Burghwallis was treated to spectacular sunsets last week in compensation. The red sky needed just a little bit of green and purple paint, or even viewed through a coloured lens and we had our own version of the ‘northern lights’.

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