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Burghwallis Remembers

The remembrance ceremony at Burghwallis took on a different but possibly equally moving ceremony on Sunday 8th November 2020.

Covid -19 restrictions saw a changed format, the traditional gathering around the war memorial being relocated to the playing field opposite. The 20 members of the congregation stood at social distanced spaces, or perhaps right dressed on the football pitch facing a small field altar with no less than three vicars; Richard and Anne Walton and Chris Herbert leading the service.

The weather, fog and still air added mystery to the gathering and the rendition of ‘the last post’ followed by ‘the rouse’ using modern technology; a smart phone and Bluetooth speakers gave poignancy to the service. More moving perhaps that the remembrance served also to remember those in the NHS and CARE services who have more recently lost their lives in active service in the fight against Covid-19.

The location of the service on the playing field added a further dimension as the playing field was gifted to the village of Burghwallis by the Anne Family in remembrance of their sons, Crathorne and Robert Anne who died in action the first and second world wars respectively.

The National anthem took on an ethereal quality, as it emerged from a speaker hidden in the depths of the cloak worn by Father Chris Herbert.

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