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Burghwallis Volunteers

In all walks of life, behind the scenes there are inevitably a group of people who get things done. The world as we know it relies on volunteers, and Burghwallis is no exception.

A small team of local residents turn up to prune, plant, paint, clear, fix stuff and collect litter. Recently this year’s abundant growth of leaves in the Playing field lay across the grass proved a similar challenge. The ‘Magnificent Seven’ volunteers took an hour and a half to blow the leaved into heaps and a further two hours to shift it all into the now substantial compost heap.

The volunteer team at the get go.

Apart from the opportunity to get some fresh air and distanced open air exercise in these troubled times it presents a spirit of camaraderie and a chance to catch up on local developments and more importantly; the gossip……really, really – well I never!

Suddenly autumn looses a few friends

To join this fellowship team of helpful souls, especially in view of the reducing services provided by DMBC please give parish councillor Brenda Grimes a ping at mail@robren.plus.com. She will drop you an email when the next event is scheduled, and what’s more – you get to wear a Burghwallis Volunteer hi-viz tabard! The world as you knew it will never be the same.

Around 30 skip bags were filled and dragged the length of the playing field to the compost tip
Where the pile just got bigger and bigger
Rob chooses the ironman lift rather than drag technique
Nearly done
The clean sweep
The last leaf is almost collected

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