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Bus Service Update

Since our previous announcement about the changes to bus services through Burghwallis, further information has now come to light.

Additionally, there will be a service through the village on Sundays, with buses going to Doncaster at 09.58, and every 2 hours until 19.58. From town, services start from the Interchange at 10.45, arriving in Burghwallis at 11.13, and every 2 hours, until 20.45 from Doncaster.

Residents need to be aware that none of the new services will go through Woodlands, so anyone wishing to travel there will have to change buses in Carcroft, and catch one of the 50/50a/50b services.

It is not clear at this stage whether the route from Carcroft to Toll Bar will use Bentley Moor Lane (past the Recycling centre) or Adwick Lane (past the train station).

As more information comes to light, we will share it with you.

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