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Christmas Spirit Shines Through Weather

The lighting of the Christmas tree this year was not for the fainthearted. The carol lyric about deep and crisp and even had to be rapidly changed to reflect the heavy and wet stuff that fell vertically instead.

Reverend Dr Richard Walton led the carol singing and lighting of the tree lights whilst the rain sloshed down. The singing, slightly muffled by the abundance of umbrellas was accompanied by Pat Stanley on the keyboard as no less than 53 souls young and old (including a number of our four legged friends) braved the weather to join in.


Rev Walton was dressed in his splendid full length black cloak and hat ( they actually have proper ecclesiastical names ) One junior member of the gathering asked if he was Darth Vader.

The tree was duly blessed and the new splendid coloured lights turned on this year by Elizabeth and Schyler.

Once again the Carol singers were rewarded with hot mulled wine and warm mince pies courtesy of the parish council.

Marking the start of the season of the carol singing season Burghwallis proved the true spirit of Christmas lies much in the resolve to enjoy despite ‘owt the weather can chuck at us.

Thanks to Mike and Carol Spiller for their usual generosity in supplying the power for the tree lights.

Pat Stanley for playing the keyboard.

Brian Bennett for helping with the Christmas tree lights and allowing us to to trample over his front lawn and supplying power to Pat’s keyboard.

Heinz & Joyce Offerman for helping with the tree lights and tending the War Memorial throughout the year.

Reverend Dr Richard Walton for leading the ceremony.




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