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Minutes – Burghwallis Parish Council – Tuesday 8th November 2022


In Attendance:                                   Chairman                    D Maxwell

                                               Councillor                    D Hudson

                                               Councillor                    B Grimes

                                                            Clerk                           J Halsall

Chairman’s opening remarks and Declarations of interest

  1. Apologies for absence

Councillor J Laming & Councillor J Job

  • Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 27th September 2022

RESOLVED that the minutes be signed. 

  • Matters arising from the minutes 
  • Ivy – has been removed from the park & War Memorial.
  • Abbes Walk – road surface is awaiting repairs to be completed.
  • War Memorial – Councillor Maxwell is looking into the letters to be repaired.
  • Notice Board Repairs – A new backing for the board is needed plus outside repairs. Councillor Grimes to investigate options for renovation.
  • Helping Hand Fund – It was decided not to apply.
  • Financial Matters

400396 £90 JM Scott playing field maintenance

400397 £550.10 J Halsall Clerk Salary

400398 £121.40 HMR&C

400399 £10 Gravel for Pinfold

400400 Cancelled

400401 £59.49 Solar lights for Christmas Tree

£35 ICO renewal for Data Protection by Direct Debit

RESOLVED that the accounts payable be approved and the cheques and bank statement signed.

Budget – Next year’s budget was discussed

RESOLVED to increase the precept by 20%

Councillor Maxwell would purchase a wreath for the war memorial.

  • Planning

22/01864/FUL Mr & Mrs Longfellow, 81 Grange Lane, Extension – No objections raised

  • Playing Field/Pinfold

Dealt with in the previous meeting.

  • Poor’s Land

Various emails and contact have been made to the Parish Council with suggestions on how to use the Poor’s Land Rent money. 

RESOLVED to reply and discuss further at the next meeting.

A discussion took place with regards to the Senior citizens Christmas Lunch.  This would be funded by the Parish Council this year.  Date to be confirmed week commencing 12th December. 

RESOLVED to purchase a bingo machine for entertainment along with the raffle.

  • Correspondence

All circulated and dealt with accordingly

British Legion Christmas Carol Concert would be on 9th December at the Burghwallis Pub.  Tickets £5 commencing at 7.30pm

Medieval Discovery email received with regards to artifacts found within Burghwallis

RESOLVED not to contribute financially.

An email had been received with regards to the lighting of the Christmas Tree, these can no longer be plugged into the resident’s electric.  One string of solar panel lights have been purchased, but we will need another set.

Christmas Tree lighting event will take place on 10th December at 6.30pm. We weill not be providing mince pies and mulled wine this year.

  • Website

Ongoing with updates and documents.

We are awaiting a response from the developer regarding site visitor data.

We have not yet received an invoice for the balance of the development cost.

Clerk to contact regarding separate back up of the website.

  1. Next Meeting

The next meeting to be held at The Burghwallis Public House commencing at 7pm.

Tuesday 13th December 2022

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.30pm.

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