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Parish Council Meeting Minutes Tuesday 7th March 2023


In Attendance:                                   Chairman                    D Maxwell

                                               Councillor                    D Hudson

                                               Councillor                    B Grimes

                                               Councillor                    J Laming

                                               Councillor                    J Job

                                                            Clerk                           J Halsall

                                                            1 x Resident

A discussion took place with regards to the recent accident and the War Memorial Wall being knocked down and currently unsafe.  A sign would be placed at the memorial ‘DO NOT ENTER’

Insurance company has been contacted and quotes are now needed for the repairs.

The Memorial is Grade 2 listed and needs to be repaired by a registered builder.

This would be investigated with the help of DMBC and the Insurance Company.

Chairman’s opening remarks and Declarations of interest.

  1. Apologies for absence


  • Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 24th January 2023

Amendment to Christmas Tree solar lights lasting 7 days.

RESOLVED that the minutes be signed. 

  • Matters arising from the minutes.
  • Abbes Walk – road surface is awaiting repairs to be completed.
  • Notice Board Repairs – All completed.
  • Bus Service – A complaint has been received regarding the number of buses daily.  Currently every half hour including late nights and Sunday all day services.  The service has been under threat and to lose the service would be detrimental to residents regularly using the services.

RESOLVED to put a questionnaire together to the residents in the church magazine.

  • Tree Planting – Councillor Hudson will receive 100 trees for planting later in the spring.
  • Newsletter – Circulated
  • Fly Tipping – A big problem in the village especially around Abbes Walk lately. No reply has been received.

RESOLVED to contact DMBC again.

  • Great British Spring Clean – Dates have been registered for the litter picking with DMBC.  Councillor Grimes has requested the cutting back of the brambles on Stoney Croft Lane as this is stopping the litter pick.

RESOLVED to contact DMBC for the relevant paperwork for new volunteers and to cut back the brambles.

  • Kings Coronation – Nothing has been arranged in the village at this time.

RESOLVED a flag would be purchased.

  • Financial Matters

400414 £115 HMR&C

400415 £522.20 Clerk Salary

400416 £16.95 Notice Board Repairs

400417 £40 Notice Board Repairs

400418 £50 Website balance payment

RESOLVED that the accounts payable be approved and the cheques and bank statement signed.

Appointment of Internal Auditor

RESOLVED to continue with the current YLCA approved Internal Auditor

  • Planning

23/00349/COND Mr Craig Oddy – No objections raised.

  • Correspondence

All circulated and dealt with accordingly.

  • Website

Ongoing with updates and documents.

Balance cheque payment was paid for the new website.

A discussion took place with regards to the ongoing costs being high

RESOLVED to contact the Website Provider and query the prices.

  • Next Meeting

The next meeting to be held at The Burghwallis Public House commencing at 7pm.

Tuesday 18th April 2023

Tuesday 30th May 2023 – AGM

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.05pm.

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