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Dream A While in Burghwallis Next Spring

Plant it and they will come. OK this twist on “Field of Dreams” will metamorphose into a field of flowers, for the Parish Council have been busy again. This time planting wild flowers in the playing fields ready to burst all over the place next spring.

For those who have driven around Rotherham, or along White Rose Way in Donny, you will have noticed the roundabouts and grass verges in central reservations are full of vividly coloured wild flowers. These are the very same that will erupt next year in Burghwallis playing field to fill spirits, feed bees and cut down on grass cutting.

But there is a downside. No scattering the good seeds on the ground with these bad boys. The ground has to be dug, rotovated and generally sorted before the seeds will condescend to establish a foothold. Turf, weeds, empty bottles and buried treasure all have to make friends with the bin before planting can start. And here’s the rub. The work was quickly completed by an army of volunteers from the village. Such was the plan; the reality – the whole process was completed by the parish councillors, on their own. Perchance you visit the playing fields next year and feast your eyes on the colourful splendour before you, and see if you could pitch in with some of the many tasks the parish council complete each year. Many hands make light work as the saying goes, seems to have been lost in translation in Burghwallis of late.


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