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Dumpit Site Repairs

Three of the six Doncaster household waste recycling centres (nee dumpsite sites) are undergoing some essential repairs. This will see each of the recycling sites closing in sequence. It is possible for anybody with a vehicle permit to use one of the other two open site during these repairs. Whilst the repairs are under way we must also hope that the Bogans of the world are not tempted to dispose of their recycling waste somewhere else!.

BALBY: the repairs are now complete and the centre will re-open today Tuesday, the 27th of February

CARCROFT: the centre will close from 5 pm on Monday, the 24th of February and re-open on Thursday, the 12th of March.

ROSSINGTON; will be closed from 5 pm on Sunday, the 15th of March and re-open on Thursday, the 2nd of April.

Further info available here

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