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Gardeners Delight

For months now, we have been deprived of collections of green wheely bin garden waste. This has forced us to learn how to compost, or find legally innovative ways to dispose of our grass cuttings.

The recent rains have created an abundance of the stuff and not everyone has a pet sheep or two. Some in desperation have even used this onslaught of growth as the best excuse ever not to do any gardening. More recently of course we have been able to queue for hours to empty our bags at the Carcroft WRC (dump).

All that is about to change. Green wheely bin collections are due to restart soon. Not quite the normal routine as collections will only be once every 4 weeks and for Burghwallis, we start on 1st July, then 29th.

So, if you have been holding off, now is the time to fire up the mower, rip the bits off your best weeds get out the old machinery and get stuck in!

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