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Legal Niceties From 1666

It pays to behave in Burghwallis. in January 1666 apprentice Edward Rusholme was slung out on his ear for misbehaving and being a ‘tea leaf’ or furuncle, which is an aerobic microscopic parasite or thief, in case you ask. But this pales to the actions of our chap in Cawthorne who managed to get caught burying his mother in law in Cawthorne churchyard without permission. We wonder if his mother in law had any say in the matter at the time. And finally a case of Boris Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ the country.

Catalogue Finding NumberQS1/5/2/8/3Office record is held at Wakefield, West Yorkshire Archive Description: Draft order for the discharge of John Vincent’s apprentice, Edward Rusholme, due to his bad behaviour and theft; he had been put out as poor apprentice by the overseers of Burghwallis

Draft order to bind over of Nathaniel Bothomley of Cawthorne to appear at the next sessions, for burying Widow Hewitt, his mother in law in Cawthorne churchyard without the ceremonies of the Church of England.

Draft order for the appearance at the next sessions of the inhabitants of Chapel Hadlesey, Birkin and Grimston, to answer why they should not assist the inhabitants of Newton and Towton who are overburdened with the royal aid and other taxes [Date Jan 1666]

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