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Merchant Navy Day 3rd September 2017

The Red Ensign will proudly fly from the village flag pole on 3rd September to mark Merchant Navy Day. This commemorates the thousands of sailors from the MN who were lost in the two world wars, yet are rarely mentioned.

The 3rd September 1939 is the day of the outbreak of World War II, it also commemorates the lost of the first British maritime casualty. The SS. Athenia was torpedoed a few hours into the hostilities with the loss of 128 passengers and crew.

The losses in the First World War were equally appalling. A total of 2,479 ships were lost, with 14,287 seamen. Additionally 675 trawlers and 434 fishermen were lost.

Merchant navy losses in World War II amounted to 29,180 vessels, 814 trawlers and a total of 29,994 men and boys. September the 3rd is thus recognised as “Merchant Navy Day.” It is still as relevant today. Britain’s merchant navy handle 90% of our imports, including food, and 75% of our exports.

Merchant Navy Day is the opportunity to raise funds for the Seafarer’s UK Merchant Navy Fund. The Parish Council are very pleased to be associated with this action.

You can read the full details on the Merchant Navy Red Ensign Day here  

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