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Mirror Image

We all have those occasions when your day just doesn’t go to plan. You set out with every good intention and then the law of sod descends, and it all goes pear shaped.  

Recently there’s been a tendency for ‘Fido’ ( note of neutral gender so as not to offend), to deposit waste on the pavement. Obviously a natural process if you’re a dog and to an extent dog owners who fervently believe the option to scoop the poop lies clearly outside their remit.

It falls to the good guys to attempt to correct this misnomer. It needs a sign that rubs things in their face so to speak. Cue a chap tasked with squirting aerosol paint through a stencil onto the pavement. This blunt message would have held so much greater impact if Sod’s law had not come into play and allowed the stencil to be the right way round. Still at least he, or she, was consistent, all the signs through the village are the wrong way round.

Pick up or pay up Fido

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