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Parish Magazine April 2019

Letter from Fr Richard April 2019

A Happy Easter to you all!

Easter Sunday comes at the end of this month. It is the main festival of the Christian Year when we remember Jesus rising from the dead.

For some people the empty tomb is a challenge. They cannot accept that Jesus who died and was buried, then rose from the dead three days later. But, for the Christian it the central tenet of our faith: that death is not the end but a new beginning for us all.

Have you ever heard that phrase ‘elevator pitch’? It is an American phrase but suggests that it is possible to make a short persuasive argument that says all you want it to say in 20 to 30 seconds – the time it takes for a ride in a lift.

It made me wonder what my elevator pitch would be for Christian Faith. It might go something like this.

  • God created all humankind to be loved,
  • But we behave badly so he gives us rules.
  • We break the rules and separate ourselves from God.
  • So God sent his Son Jesus to show us how to live.
  • Those who did not accept him killed him,
  • But after three days he rose from the dead.
  • Jesus shows that we cannot be separated from God’s love.

Which takes about 25 seconds to say but a lifetime to live out. 

In the days leading up to Easter Day we shall be telling again the story of Easter, from Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, Then the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, The Trial and Crucifixion on Good Friday, The return of light on Easter Eve and the great celebration of Easter on Easter morning. 

If you have not been to church for a while then this is an important time to re-connect with your faith. It is a time to make that journey from solemnity to joy. A time to engage with the Christian faith a new. 

The Easter Acclamation says it all:

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

He is risen indeed! Alleluia

In these words we shall proclaim the message of Easter – come and proclaim it too.

With every Blessing

Fr Richard


Palm Sunday 14th April Liturgy of the Palms Burghwallis 9.00am

Campsall 11.00am

Monday 15th Chrism Eucharist Cathedral 7.00pm

Tuesday 16th Stations of the Cross Campsall 7.00pm

Wednesday 17th Stations of the Cross Burghwallis 7.00pm

Maundy Thursday 18th Holy Communion Campsall 7.00pm

Good Friday 19th Three Hours at the cross Burghwallis 12.00am

Easter Eve 20th Coffee Morning Campsall 10.00am

Easter Service Laurels 2.00pm

Vigil Service Owston 8.00pm

Easter Sunday

Easter Day 21st Sunrise Service Burghwallis 8.30am

Holy Communion Burghwallis 9.00am

Holy Communion Campsall 11.00am

 Parish Registers


Mar 8th Thomas Edwin Brown

Mar 11th Rose Buffin

Mar 13th Susan Bernadette Bracha

Mar 18th Elizabeth Page

Usual Pattern of Sunday Services 

in the Benefice

St Mary Magdalene, Campsall 11.00 Holy Communion
First Sunday in the Month  11.00 Family Service
St Helen,  Burghwallis 9.00 Holy Communion
First Sunday in the Month 8.00 Holy Communion

To contact the Churchwardens:


Shirley Gill 1 Burghwallis Lane, Sutton tel: 700057

Colin Bowes 11 Burghwallis Lane, Sutton tel: 702779


Jenny Lister 101 Campsall Park Road, Campsall. tel: 702552

Alan Troop, 1 Woodgarth Court, Campsall. tel: 707544

The Revd Dr Richard Walton will be in church every Thursday evening between 6pm and 7pm to discuss arrangements for baptisms and weddings.

To contact the Clergy:

Revd Dr Richard Walton

Priest in Charge, Burghwallis and Campsall

The Rectory, Village Street, Adwick le Street, DN6 7AD

Tel: 01302 723224 

email: richard.walton@sheffield.anglican.org

Revd Chris Herbert

Curate, Burghwallis and Campsall

4 Highfield Villas, High Street, Norton, Doncaster DN6 9HP

01302 702615

email: chris.herbert@sheffield.anglican.org

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