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Parish Magazine – August 2019

Letter from Fr Richard August 2019

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.

As many of you will know – because I think I must have now shown everyone the pictures – Ann and I became grandparents for the first time in July with the birth of our grandson Leon to our daughter Rosie. We are now looking forward to the wedding of our other daughter Rebecca at the end of the month. Also, in July, my Auntie Betty died aged 96. It is all a reminder of how times and seasons change and how families grow and develop.

What seems to be an ever-popular theme on television are those programmes that trace people’s ancestors. Sometimes these are famous individuals and sometimes they are just ordinary people like the rest of us. Its always fascinating learning what is in our DNA – knowing just where we come from. Perhaps that is why local and family history are such popular pastimes these days.

The Bible shows a great interest in genealogy. In the Old Testament there are those enormous and sometimes rather dreary lists of who begat whom. It was part of building up a tradition of a people who were united not just by culture but by blood. The New Testament begins with genealogies in the Gospels of Matthew and of Luke which to emphasise the Jewishness of Jesus and the fulfilment of the expectations of the prophets. But the New Testament sees a radical change in that faith is not restricted to one people but opened to all – not just those linked by blood or culture but all people everywhere of any and every race. The Church has its DNA – in its history that shows how we have developed. With the Muslim faith we share a common ancestry with our ‘older brothers the Jews’. As Christians we have the shared family tree in which different denominations have branched out in different places and at different times. And, like a rather dysfunctional family, we have fallen out with each other and caused the religious conflicts that have marred our history. And yet we have that common heritage of faith that binds us together that we express in the Creeds when we say, “We believe…”

Sometimes I look back at old family photographs and wonder who those people are on the edge of the picture. Those distant people whom I don’t know but to whom I am related – those people whose stories I do not know and wonder whether I would have got on with them. In these troubled and turbulent times, we should perhaps seek to look for the things that unite us rather than divide us. Recent years have brought much uncertainty and division in our nation and across the world. We can yearn for an idyllic past when everything seemed better and which probably never existed. A more positive response would be to look for ways of building a safer and more secure future. As a father and now a grandfather I feel I have my stake in that.

With every Blessing 

Fr Richard


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August Readers Sidespersons
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Usual Pattern of Sunday Services 

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