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Pig Farm Planning Application Update

The planning application for an intensive pig rearing farm along Abbe’s Walk is gearing up for a hearing by the DMBC planning committee on 10th June. They are currently reviewing over 60 objections raised by residents of Burghwallis who are concerned by many issues; key concerns include:-

  • The ethics of this form of intensive animal rearing – now banned in Australasia. 
  • The potential release of antibiotics used to increase growth rates into the water course.
  • Risk of pollution of the adjacent brook and Scout Camp
  • Damage to an SSI area.
  • Damage to the road from HGV traffic along The Abbe’s Walk and other roads serving the village.(see additional comment below)
  • Increased risk of harm to other road users. The Abbe’s Walk is used by many pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and dog walkers
  • Noise and odour carried by the prevailing southerly winds across the whole village.
  • Contravention of several aspects of the Burghwallis Neighbourhood Plan

Key to support the defeat of the application is the strength of our attendance at the next stage of the planning committee, which is meeting on the 10th June. We will not be allowed to speak en masse, this will be reserved to one member of the public and our local Ward Councillors. But our presence in numbers at the meeting will help present a united front to which the DMBC will have to respond.

In addition to these immediate concerns, the premise that the application is driven by the need to find alternative premises due to the planned HS2 rail line is also flawed, as a final decision has not yet been reached on the route through South Yorkshire, or even if the line will extend into Yorkshire at all.

…more on DMBC planning website

Road traffic. 

We are supported by a very efficient bus service which could be at risk if the buses cannot pass freely along the village and supporting lanes. These roads are not built – or maintained to allow HGV traffic especially along Abbe’s Walk. The photos below show the damage to the verge along the Walk caused recently by just one HGV having to squeeze past a car. The resultant deep gully formed is some 50 metres long and 15cm deep. The edge of the road can be seen at roughly the middle of the picture.

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