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Pig Unit Application Rejected

The planning application for a pig rearing unit in Burghwallis Park next to the Squirrel Wood scout camp has been refused by the DMBC planning officer, primarily on the grounds of noise and traffic issues.

This is good news for round one. Regretfully the applicant can take the decision to appeal. This is where the process can become both remote and, potentially, expensive. Whereas the DMBC have local knowledge, the appeal case would move to the arbitration unit based in Bristol. Here it all gets legal and those guys know how to charge. The evidence laid before DMBC would be reviewed in Bristol with lawyers, barristers and the like. Hopefully this barbaric method of raising cheap pig meat, along with the sights, sounds, smells and risk to the environment will negate any appeal. 

You can read the full report from the DMBC below.

As things develop we will post further updates, in the meantime we can breathe the clean air of a small sign of relief in the local review rejected the pig unit. Now we enter phase two of the waiting game.


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