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Size Isn’t Everything

Sometimes bigger is not better

Two years ago, the Parish Council purchased a couple of Burghwallis flags for the village to display at the war memorial  where they have flown ever since. The flag bears the words ‘The Ancient Village of Burghwallis” along with the crest of the Anne Family that was granted to Burghwallis.  However, being rather on the large size, the flags tended to unfortunately catch on the nearby shrubbery and fray, to the extent that one had to be discarded and the second one used.

Being of conventional format the flags also had the wording reading from left to right making it a little tricky to read when the prevailing wind, which blows from the South West predominately displayed the reverse of the flag. 

The council have now acquired a couple of new, slightly smaller, flags, with the text printed the other way round, so that when the wind blows the village name can be clearly seen without the need for a mirror.

Just goes to show!

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