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The Abbè’s Walk Resurfacing

After much lobbying of DMBC, we can now report the road surface on The Abbè’s Walk is about to receive some attention. This is not a full “resurfacing” of the carriageway, but at least we are assured that the roadway will be a lot smoother, with all the potholes and uneven surface levelled out.

Good news, perhaps, for the actual walkers of The Abbè’s Walk. The chasms that resembled a scaled map of the Himalayas has long been an issue. Looking down constantly at your boots to safely progress means you are not necessarily looking ahead at the chaps in wheeled things that all too often rip past giving you a friendly wave whist their slipstream knocks you into the hedge. Come to think of it, the smoother road surface will probably increase the slipstream effect. Some you win……..

The work is scheduled to be undertaken between 31st October and 2nd December, and potentially for longer, depending on the weather and rate of progress. The road will be closed Monday to Friday, and possibly at weekends too. It will be open each evening and overnight.

This is only the second time in at least 35 years that any resurfacing has taken place!

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