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Three things that irritate residents

We all like to think we are special, different from others, unique. We may think Burghwallis village has special considerations. But we are not alone.

In a report from the local beat Police (remember them – but no, that is not one of the issues), they say, when they attend council meetings, the three things that always emerge are:

  • Speeding through a village
  • Litter
  • Dogs fouling

Everyone has a different impression of what 30mph looks like when witnessed as a pedestrian. We all tend to over-estimate the actual speed, especially if we are preconditioned to believe everyone is driving too fast. This true except for white vans which will stall if their speed drop below 45mph as they thrash about to complete their 85 drops a day target. The flashing speed sensing signs help but ironically the greatest number of speeding vehicles are driven by local residents! Speed cameras are more effective but often create animosity from those caught.

Speed bumps are universally loathed by drivers but loved by Halfords who sell new shock absorbers. There is also a strange logic afoot in the design of speed bumps. The speed limit may be 30mph but you need to drop down to 10mph unless you want a right thwack from the suspension. And then the environmentalists point out accelerating back up to 30mph uses more fuel than if you had cruised at a steady 30mph without the bump.

The real answer may lie with GPS. Future engine management systems could be linked to GPS such that GPS limits the car speed to 30, or more draconian, automatically debits your bank account with a speeding fine. And in case you thought this a pipe dream many insurance companies are tying your premiums to how you drive – and whether you are regularly speeding.

Would you believe 99% of all streets in towns and villages in England have a litter problem? Surveys have shown that 62% of people in England drop litter, although only 28% of people admit to it. The real problem is that even the 28% still carry on to drop more litter. The litter picking volunteers in Burghwallis can testify to this fact, when two days after Abbe’s Walk, Burghwallis Lane and Road have been cleared there is more litter dumped.

Fouling by dogs is the third most commonly reported issue. These pets provide immense love, affection and companionship to their owners. They have saved lives, they act as guide dogs and have inbuilt senses which are an asset to us humans. Dog walkers are also the greatest source for locating dead bodies. All in all a huge asset, except when they donate waste products in inappropriate places. Surveys have not managed to indicate whether a dog is aware of the misdemeanour like a speeding motorist and litter louts, but a small percentage of dog owners act with mixed rational thought. They collect the deposit in a plastic bag then toss it in a bush or hang in on a fence. Even their dogs give them a sideways ‘what the hell’ look. And in a instant lose any support they had.

Whether any of these three common issues can be resolved is doubtful. All rely on the individual’s commitment to the common good. And there will perhaps always be the speeding motorist who then parks on the pavement ignores all the warning signs to the contrary whilst they take their dog for a walk in the kids playground, chucks litter about and then hangs the poo bag on the fence on the way out. All we can hope for is there is only one of them.

Please note the author of this article is expressing their own view which may not coincide with the views of the Parish Council. If you have a comment or view to make about the village please contact the Chairman of the council Dave Maxwell :-

  • 01302 709993
  • clerkburghwalliscouncil@talktalk.net

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