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Unwanted Valentines Day Gift

Valentines Day  was just too tempting for some demented soul who professed their unconventional form of  affection  for Burghwallis.org.uk with  a malicious viral attack on the  website. Many would have preferred flowers or a card.

These maladjusted  people exist throughout the world . In addition to those with criminal intent we also have to contend  with the irrational behaviour of those who see implanting a software virus as sport.

Burghwallis.org.uk was regrettably down for the majority of February 14th  whilst the site was  repaired. We would like to thank the person who did it for trashing our day. In return we would politely suggest that if they wanted something useful to do next time perhaps they could instead attempt to gain the Guinness Book of records for inserting a 52 inch curved screen TV where the sun don’t shine.

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