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Wet Wet Wet Tribute Song For Jubilees

The Oxford dictionary is considering added a new definition for the word Jubilee; “A term used to describe a wet, windy and cold national celebration.

The recent Jubilee celebration brought memories of previous events to surface.

I can recall the pageants that surrounded the coronation in 1953. We pause here whilst I realise just how long ago that was. No, still thinking! It was a pleasant day warm and sunny and loads of bunting. Enhanced by the relief of the end of war the crowds were significant. No Netflix to divert attention.

Moving onto the street parties of the silver jubilee. It was cold and wet. The local efforts to make merry proved ill judged. The British June fell in increasing amounts and the street gathering migrated into small groups in many garages along the street where, shivering, we all watched the rain drip off the bunting.

The golden jubilee witnessed her Majesty cruising down the River Thames in a specially commissioned royal barge, followed by a flotilla of hundreds of small craft. We can remember the images of the Queen shivering along with the Duke of Edinburgh (who caught pneumonia). The rain squalls caused havoc with the small craft who became preoccupied with staying afloat rather parading in close formation.

And now the platinum jubilee. A mixed event with wild celebrations of a unique royal achievement supported by many a wet cold local event where the bunting took yet another soaking.

Ironically the jubilee was also widely celebrated in distant Australia despite the renewed undercurrent of republican sentiment associated with their new Prime Minister. The Aussies enjoyed significant coverage of the British events in their news and magazine programmes.

The event in Burghwallis showed what can be achieved despite what the weather can throw at us. The significant efforts of the organisers who planned and executed the event were partially damned by the good old British summer weather. Despite this many enjoyed the event and the significance of the funds raised to support Ukraine a stark reminder that even as we celebrate the world is not a stable place. 

And finally a local view of a field of gold. Grain ripening in the fields a reminder that the consequences of the Russian invasion, rising inflation, global warming, fuel crisis and the massive impact of the cost of living – all reflected in the pastoral scene of a field of barley.

Field of Barley along Scorcher Hills Lane

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