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All Pumped Up

We can feel proud of our engineering achievements, everything from the gadget for getting things out of horses hooves to cast iron village pumps. But there is always some smart-reared country that feels it has to go one better. Ignoring the diesel emissions thing where a tiny bit of cheating crept in, or even who ran whom off the track in the Hamilton (British) versus Rosberg (German) shinanigans in the recent Spanish F1 grandprix., Germany has always been trying to get the better of us since the 1966 world cup. To this end they have secretly tried to outdo us in the village pump stakes. This time they may have won. The photo below shows a pump in Berlin, with the Burghwallis village pump shown on the same scale. We could point out that ours does not have any graffiti but this would only tempt fate…….

Berlin pump


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