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Playing Field Spring Clean

The ever popular Burghwallis children’s playing field is in need of a spruce up. A team of volunteers is needed to prune, chop, saw and demolish lumps of stuff that shouldn’t be there.

If you have a couple of hours free on Tuesday 11th June from 10:00am, a few hand tools, an insatiable lust to prune stuff – this is your lucky day!

The Playing Field comes under the scrutiny of the National Playing Fields Association (NPFA) who own the facility. The Burghwallis Parish Council are responsible for the upkeep and thereby ensure the green stuff growing round the edges doesn’t get in the way.

By the way and in case you ask, the NPFA insist that in common with all their playing fields there is a no dogs stipulation in children’s playing fields.

The adjacent new woodland adventure space makes it even more important that the undergrowth and overgrowth doesn’t present any hazard as children pass between the two facilities.

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