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Burghwallis Christmas Tree 2020

The ‘reet’ nasty virus that joined the world during 2020 took its toll. The need to avoid this invisible enemy has impacted on lives in a way unimaginable to everyone. But the lighting of the Christmas tree at the war memorial goes on shining a light to brighten these gloomy nights.

The restrictions introduced to fight the enemy caused the cancellation of the annual carol service at the war memorial. The mince pies, mulled wine and singing all abandoned until, hopefully next year, when it is strongly rumoured a fresh batch of minced pies will be available. A great shame when this would have the last such service conducted by Fr Richard Walton, who retires in February 2021. The sight of the vicar dressed in full winter regalia will always be remembered in the words of a child at a previous Carol service; “Is he Darth Vader?”

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