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Burghwallis Pub Management Announced

After an agonising wait for the village – as well as Sally & Sam our two pub caretaker managers – it has been announced they have now received  confirmation they will be officially managing our local pub “The Burghwallis” on Scorcher Hills Lane. Sally & Sam have given up their other business interests and will be concentrating all their efforts on The Burghwallis in the future.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. With the full appointment of Sally and Sam it’s looking very likely  the pub will soon be having a facelift which will entice more customers from the village and beyond. This is great news in an era where many other pubs have fallen by the wayside. The Burghwallis has a long tradition in the village dating back to the late 1920’s being just a small hut and later a workings man’s club. We look forward to supporting our local which forms the  centre of many  functions that take place in our village.

And rightly so, we can’t leave the British pub to become an historic figment that appears solely in TV soap operas. So if you want all the local gossip, a smattering of intrigue, a worthwhile debate on the referendum, a drink within walking distance to overcome the endless news on referendum get yourself along to the Burghwallis.

The pub now also has an extensive menu where you can choose from an a la carte menu (including the best steak pie in the North) and the famous Burghwallis carvery.

As a reminder  – The Burghwallis Pub serves the community in many ways. The events which are highly important to the community include the following. The list has many MEP’s wondering if they would have greater impact by going to the Burghwallis rather than Brussels – and  yet another topic of debate in the bar:-

  • Village Fete
  • Civil Weddings
  • Summer social events
  • British Legion meetings
  • Remembrance Day gathering/meeting point
  • Luncheon Club – open invitation for people to socialise
  • Parish Council Meetings
  • Village Meetings – Council/Neighbourhood Plan/Events
  • Neighbourhood Plan meetings
  • Events Committee meetings
  • Carol Concert
  • Christmas events
  • Poor’s Field Village Christmas dinner
  • Commemorative events
  • Snooker tournaments
  • Quiz nights
  • Private functions: Parties/Dinners/Social clubs
  • Funeral receptions
  • Christening receptions
  • Official polling station for national and local government elections
  • Vaccinations for the over 60’s e.g flu jabs


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