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Christmas Lunch For The Wise

Wisdom comes with age, and this is the time of year when the village recognises the wise pensioners of the parish with a free Christmas lunch at the Burghwallis pub, courtesy of the Parish Council

Most of us have already become mesmerised by the onslaught of Christmas adverts reinforced by the sight of checkout staff  having to adopt festive Santa Claus red hats. Fear not for the senior citizens  lunch will not take place until  Friday 16th December at 12 noon for 12.30.

Not only will this be a free meal followed by a raffle but the party will be entertained by a 12 strong ukulele band. Looking like guitars that have been through the wrong wash cycle, the ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings. Wikipedia. Not only will it be a real treat to hear such an ensemble whilst munching festive fare, after Brexit it’s good to see the return of the “dozen.”

To reserve your place just contact Jill Lamming on 01302 701395. Jill will get back to you with menu choices. Don’t delay – book as soon as you can as this is always a very popular event and completely free of any washing up.


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