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Faithful Few Sort Scorcher Hills

The call for volunteers to help plant daffodil bulbs and strim the grass around the new hedgerow along Scorcher Hills met with a poor response.

Jill, Diane, Barbara

Black Friday seemed to have sent the vast majority of the village into retail shock resulting in the need for serious recovery down time. No army of new spade carriers or strimming souls anxious to try out their latest fantastic Black Friday gardening equipment bargains were available leaving the work to be carried out by the parish councilors and close associates.

Many hands makes light work not being the option on the day the good news is the team completed the task on their own. Thanks therefore to the cast of thousands; Kath, Jill, Brenda, Dave, Diane, and Barbara

2 comments on “Faithful Few Sort Scorcher Hills

  • A couple of weeks ago Ian Benn of Belmont cleared the pathway to the Burghwallis Pub adjacent to his property to again rid the path of leaf and moss accumulation which posed a potential Health & Safety risk to those particularly attending the Monday Luncheon Club. Owners of Belmont were made aware of this risk by a resident of the village.
    This should perhaps be the responsibility of Pub Management?

    • To all concerned we have now found Ethel she had slip under the heap of leaves that Ian benn had kindly left at the end of the pathway so I would like to offer Ian a free drink on the burghwallis pub many thanks again Sally

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