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Grange Lane Open Again

Nature being what it is, trees grow and spread, but, unfortunately, they also start to get in the way. In this case, pedestrians walking past the Playing Field will have faced the choice of fighting their way through shrubbery or stepping onto the carriageway on a notoriously iffy section of the road.

The section in question is the boundary of the Playing Field and Grange Lane. This is managed by Parish Council on behalf of the Fields in Trust organisation. The combination of FIT and CDC (née DMBC) rules include that the hedge, which is designated as part of the Playing Field, must be maintained and no dogs or raves allowed etc.

Fortunately, we can call on the “voluntary” services of local farmer Willie Seels, and his trusty machinery, with driver Ben, to zap the offending greenery, buses and other traffic permitting.

Then, of course, what comes down must be cleared to leave the footpath clean and free of debris for pedestrians. Fortunately, a team of 6 volunteers appeared, with a variety of implements, to tidy everything up, together with the appropriate safety measures in place.

Now, a safe, sheltered pathway is restored, so that pedestrians may once again walk along the road without making a choice between being attacked by shrubbery, of mown down by speeding or large vehicles.

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