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Grange Lane Gets A Facelift

The overgrown shrubbery along Grange lane is a thing of the past; for the time being.

The DMBC, operating under severe budget cuts have found a spot of cash and time to send a work team to trim the bushes and hedges along Grange Lane. It is now possible to walk along the full width of the footpath from Scorcher Hills Lane to Abbe’s Walk without having to shimmy past overgrown green stuff. The work, promptly carried  out by the DMBC was their tribute to the memory of Kath Walters, whose funeral cortege will pass along Grange Lane to St Helen’s church on 30th August. Kath had a very close working relationship with the DMBC in her position as Chairman of the Parish Council.


It took the best part of a day for the DMBC team along with shredders, saws, strimmers, and a road sweeper to clear the hedgerow. Something that is appreciated from the visual aspect as well as the practical benefit of a clear footpath – and something Kath would have been proud of from her many days of organising volunteers and the council to keep Burghwallis up to par.

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