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Jct 38 Goes Under the Hammer

Road maintenance on Junction 38 (A1) will see overnight closures

Those of us who travel by road to Donny via the A1 are in for a treat. The boys from the black, and indeed white stuff, are going to replace the cats eyes and white lines on the slip roads around junction 38. To do this safely the Highways chappies are closing the slip roads for a while. They are completing the maintenance in two stages.

The good news is the closures will be at night from 21:00 until 06:00. This means during the day we will still be able to squeeze onto the A1 heading south at five lanes end – then immediately leave at the next slip road at Red House. We will therefore still be foremost in the thoughts and prayers of our fellow motorists who moved over only to find we somehow immediately and ungratefully disappeared.

Here is the official news from the Highways chaps:-

To ensure the safety of the public and the workforce to prohibit all vehicular traffic from travelling on those sections of Red House Lane as specified in the above schedule, whilst the replacement of road studs and lining is undertaken.

  1. Long Lands Lane – Ridge Balk Lane – A638 Great North Road – A638 Doncaster Road and vice versa.

Redhouse Lane – Lutterworth Lane – A638 Great North Road and vice versa

  1. Close that section of Red House Lane, Pickburn between its junction with Long Lands Lane and the slip road leading from the A1M / to the A1 northbound carriageway.
  2. Close that section of Red House Lane at a point 75 metres north-east of the junction with Whinfell Close at Adwick – Le – Street in a north easterly direction to a point of the junction with the slip road leading from the A1 road at Redhouse.

To see the diversion routes available take a look here

660237-0100-05 – Diversion Routes

660237-0100-03 Rev A – Diversion Routes

Times / Dates

1 & 2. Between 2100hrs on Monday 14th March until 0600hrs on Tuesday 15th

March 2016, and then during the same times for up to a further 10 nights.

The start and duration of the closure / prohibition will be notified by signs to be erected on site a minimum of 7 days in advance.

It should be noted that closures 1 and 2 will be carried out independent of one another.

In the event of weather restraints / and or engineering difficulties that prevent or delay the works / closures as specified above, then these closures will continue using the same time periods, with all works completed by no later than the 31st March 2016.

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