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Minutes 24th August 2021


In Attendance:                                   Chairman                    D Maxwell

                                               Councillor                    J Laming

Councillor                    R Lomas

Councillor                    B Grimes

                                                            Clerk                           J Halsall                                  

Chairman’s opening remarks and Declarations of interest

  1. Apologies for absence

Councillor D Hudson

  • Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 6th July 2021

RESOLVED that the minutes be signed.

  • Matters arising from the minutes 
  • Playing field Park Repairs – Agreed to repairs quoted, also to request a new bin for the park if available.                                                                          Action JH
  • Grange Lane Sign – awaiting renewal                                                   Action BG
  • Speed Sign – Funding for a speed sign was discussed. Agreed to contact the residents it might affect on Grange Lane.                                      Action: DM                     
  • Grit Bins – on Scorcher Hills Lane has been stolen also request one at Burghwallis Lane, both areas are slippery when Icy. No reply                 Action JH
  • Benches –Benches have been stained.  Awaiting new plaques           Action: JL
  • Litter Pick  – Councillor Grimes reported on a litter pick recently completed
  • PSCO Invited to meetings.  Councillor Grimes to inform them of the next meeting dates                                                                                                 Action BG
  • Christmas Decorations have all been sorted ready for this year.
  • Financial Matters

400346 £7.92 Stamps

400347 £97.59 TSO HOST & bench stain

RESOLVED that the accounts payable be approved and the cheques and bank statement signed.

  • Playing field/Pinfold

Risk Assessments on Pinfold – Agreed to carry on with weekly inspections

Councillor Maxwell reported he had been asked if the Pinfold was for sale?

RESOLVED to reply this land is not for sale                                                 Action DM

  • Poor’s Field

Plants in the trough are looking good.  Councillor Laming will strim the area as soon as possible.                                                                                                 Action JL

This year’s Christmas lunch will be discussed at the next meeting

  • Planning

21/01934/FUL – No objections raised.

  • Correspondence

Emails all circulated & dealt with accordingly.

An email received discussing the Parish Councils environment policy was discussed.

Agreed for Councillor Maxwell to respond                                                     Action DM

  • Website

            All updated.  Invoice for the website has been paid.

New Matters/Any Other Business                         

Councillor Lomas asked if there were any updates on the proposed bungalow on land near at Ladygap Field, Burghwallis Lane. There has been no further action or proposals reported.

Councillor Grimes requested a new road sign at the end of Scorcher Hills Lane entering the A1.  A number of cars have broken down at the junction of the A1 and there are no signs telling drivers where they are.                                               Action: JH

Councillor Laming asked about some plants/bulbs to be planted on a banking near the new houses on Abbes Walk.  Agreed not to do anything.

Next Meeting

The next meeting to be held at The Burghwallis Public House commencing at 7pm.

Tuesday 28th September 2021

Tuesday 9th November 2021

Tuesday 14th December 2021

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.10pm.

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