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More Trees Now Adorn Our Hedgerows

The tree planting team from Burghwallis were out and about last Thursday. In addition to the 450 trees planted along Scorcher Hills Lane in 2015 a further 200 saplings were dug into the ground replacing the ones which didn’t survive plus plugging some gaps in the playing field.

The work was completed with the help from ‘The Woodland Trust’ who not only gave planting advice but also donated the sapling (or whips as they are known in the horticultural world). The efforts of the volunteers from Burghwallis were part of a national campaign to replace the miles of hedgerows and trees ripped out over the years. Although the Woodland Trust have the young trees they rely predominately on local volunteers to plant them.

This has several benefits; the volunteers can select the areas to be planted, and also tend to have a vested interest in the on-going well-being of the saplings. If you couldn’t help with planting the trees you can now act as a guardian and help to maintain a watchful eye over their well-being. If you see any of the spiral plastic protective tubes that have come adrift can you pop them back over the saplings. Similarly if the bamboo sticks have fallen over can you push them back into the ground as you pass. It is amazing just how many people just ‘walk on by’ as Dionne Warwick would say – or sing.

The saplings will take a few years to get established then produce a thicket to protect our lane boundaries and give local wildlife some refuge. If you helped plant the trees you can watch your handiwork flourish and grow over the years.

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