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Plogging Gets Green Light

Despite our Anglo-Saxon origins and the Viking influences on Burghwallis we still have a lot  to learn from the Baltic regions. The concept of “plogging” is a thriving new  trend originating in Scandinavia. It involves the combination of jogging with litter picking; maybe the other way round.

This Scandi development emphasises the international nature of the problem. If you want to keep fit and help clear up the countryside, ”plogging” should definitely be your thing. Those concerned about breaking their stride on a jog can fear not, as you complete a squat each time to pick up the litter – even better for the thigh muscle tone. And do we have an excellent opportunity for you to start. The Burghwallis parish council have organsised a ‘Litter pick’ along The Abbe’s Walk on Saturday February 17th. starting  at 10:00am. outside Squirrel Wood camp site. Those wishing to join in have the option of Plogging the course – or joining we mere mortals armed with stout footware and gardening gloves. Jogging apparel entirely optional. 

Let Brenda Grimes (727186) or Dave Maxwell (709993) know if you can join in so they can organise sufficient litter pickers, plastic bags and hi-viz vests. 

 Ten volunteers can clear the one mile length of Abbe’s Walk in around one to two hours. Twenty volunteers can also help clear Grange Lane, Scorcher Hills and Burghwallis lane. There is no such thing as too many volunteers, if only! Don’t worry about not being enough litter to go around, the Bogans of society will make sure this doesn’t happen.

 If you drive or walk along any of these lanes you may consider joining in and enjoy a more pleasant – litter free – ongoing walk and drive.  The council provides litter pickers and copious plastic bags; turning a slight blind eye to the use of plastic bags, which is currently a means to an end. The record for the collection along Abbe’s Walk is 36 filled bags. If you see a heap of bags outside Squirrel Wood, and at strategic points along the lane, (DMBC then collect them) it will be the outcome of the team. 

If you can’t make the 17th Feb you can “Plog” entirely independently – or whilst walking the dog and join the growing number of UK and international plogging groups. 
















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