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The Picnic In the Park Is Coming To Burghwallis

One of the great traditions in the UK is the village event. It continually proves the metal of the true British spirit . We will endure any weather  thrown at us, we will laugh in the face of a mere downpour, we will scoff at the odd lighting bolt for this is Yorkshire the backbone of Britain, and we can handle anything that is what we call weather. It happens. Whereas Southerners are known not to venture out of doors unless the temperature kicks in at around 28 degrees and the last drop of wet stuff  from above fell at least two weeks ago.

No this is the Burghwallis Picnic In The Park  it WILL be held on Sunday 16 August 2015 between 12.00 – 4.00 pm. Last year proved that despite torrential rain falling the day before, when odd things were seen floating where they shouldn’t,  and the previous landlords of the pub did a runner to Spain half way through the event, our  committee proved they can organise anything, anywhere, anytime. Rain, landlords scuttling off to Spain like something out of “Eastenders” –  take in their stride. But things this year are different.

Party in the Park Poster 2015 v2 copy

The weather is going to be perfect, we have some great new landlords in the pub, the event on the day  is extraordinarily well organised and – the model train is back! To prove the incredible Picnic in the Park will be as good as Arsenal  winning the FA cup, oh have they? – all you have to do is turn up. Ring the date on your calendar now – Sunday 16th August 12:00 to 16:00 You will enjoy the Burghwallis Party in the Park – it’s what we do.



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