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The Seat Of Burghwallis

Not quite in the context of an heraldic recognition of a location. In this case we’re are talking about a seat which is sat upon. And this seat has been sat on for years.

In the parish there around six seats for the use of. But one is very special. It lies (sits!) in the churchyard of St Helen’s and on a summer’s day, even a bright autumnal one, you can sit in solitude and contemplate the view across Burghwallis Park. Rather fittingly – it’s good for the soul.

The structure that separates you from the effects of gravity and terra firma is around 60 years old and suffering a little from the elements. As a result of recent intensive tender loving care over several weeks by Colin Bowes, churchwarden at St Helens, the seat has been lovingly restored to its original glory. Laths have been replaced and coats of paint have been applied that follow a medieval colour scheme.  Look closely at how the brown horizontal areas are interspaced with black vertical surfaces. Painstaking is not the word for it.

Note also the ‘fresh’ paint – you can’t beat taking a photo in the rain.

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