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Update on Intensive Pig Rearing Unit Application

An open meeting was held in the Burghwallis Pub on Wednesday evening to pursue objections to the planning application to build an intensive pig rearing unit next to Squirrel Wood Scout Camp. Attended by 75 residents from the village and near by, an update report was given on the progress made so far and the current situation:

  1. Over 550 objections have now been raised, some yet to be registered on the DMBC Planning Portal.
  2. Ed Milliband MP has been made aware of the application and has agreed to register an objection.
  3. Over 150 letters of objection were collected from visitors to the scout camp last weekend.
  4. The Scouts organisation itself appears reluctant to raise an objection, yet they are the people nearest to the proposed site and would be the worst affected. In doubt is their ability to continue to stage camps, and the effect on the flora and fauna of Squirrel Wood itself and the watercourse.
  5. (Since this meeting a comment has been submitted by the Scouts, but this is considered to be totally inadequate as it only asks for reassurances about the possible effects of the operation. They also distance themselves from any comments made by users of the camp site.)
  6. Comments made by the planning applicant in respect of requests for further information from DMBC have been registered. These are considered to be totally inadequate and do not fundamentally address the issues raised.
  7. Challenges to these comments have already been registered, and there will be more to come.
  8. A consultant has been engaged to assist in the preparation of our case for presentation at the Planning Committee stage, assuming it gets that far. This is partly funded by the Parish Council, but more money will be needed to cover the full cost.
  9. The deadline for comments/objections is now 2nd August, being the statutory 3 weeks from the submission of responses by the applicant.
  10. We need to continue to find people to record more objections.
  11. In the worst case scenario, i.e. the application is successful, our only recourse would be to ask for a Judicial Review, which would involve the engagement of barristers, and would be extremely expensive, in the tens of thousands!

Sally Shenton, the landlady of The Burghwallis, is holding a disco and fun night event in the pub on 3rd August, and is planning to use this as a fundraiser for the campaign, with all profits from the evening being donated to the cause.

Any other contributions from residents would be welcome to keep the campaign momentum.

If the situation arose where we needed to raise funds for a judicial review, further thought would need to be given as to how to raise the money.

If there is anyone out there who has not yet registered an objection, there are several ways to do that.

  1. Any objections can be taken to 1 Holly Farm Court, Burghwallis, DN6 9RL, and Andy Wood will forward them to DMBC.
  2. Email direct to Alicia.Murray@doncaster.gov.uk with your objection.
  3. Print off a copy of the attached letter, add your address and signature, scan it and email it back to awood607@gmail.com, who will forward it to DMBC.
  4. Write directly to: Doncaster Council Planning Services, Floor 4, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU, quoting reference 19/00651/FUL
  5. Submit your comments on line. Go to:
  • https://planning.doncaster.gov.uk/online-applications/
  • towards the bottom of the page, it says Enter a Keyword, reference number, postcode, or a single line of an address. Type in 19/00651/FUL
  • Click on Make a public comment
  • If you haven’t already done so, you need to click on Register Here, and you will be sent a registration confirmation email, before you can comment
  • You then need to sign in
  • Click on Search – little arrow, click on Planning/Simple Search
  • At the box towards the bottom type 19/00651/FUL
  • Click on Make a Public Comment
  • Type your comments and click Submit
  • You will receive an email acknowledgement of your message

If you need any help on what to say, follow the links to find “Associated Documents” where all the previous comments are listed and available to read.

And if you want to be really more helpful, you could join in our challenges to reports submitted by the Environmental Agency (sp-yorkshire@environment-agency.gov.uk), Design and Conservation (Peter. Lamb@doncaster.gov.uk) and Tree Consultation (Daniel.Atkinson@doncaster.gov.uk). Their responses, which can be viewed on the Associated Documents page, are considered by us to be totally inadequate.

Copy of Letter of objection to DMBC Planing Department

4 comments on “Update on Intensive Pig Rearing Unit Application

  • I have only recently become aware of the intensive pig farm planning application and have already written a personal objection. I agree that there are inadequacies in the reports written by Mr Lamb and Mr Atkinson. In particular the idea that further planting can screen and help with noxious substances seems spurious. Even if this was so I would have thought that it would take many years for plants to grow to the level that the ammonia can be dispersed or absorbed and surely these plants themselves would be damaged. Further, lopping the tops off the trees that are in the way of the heavy vehicles that will require access to the site will likely cause damage to sensitive ecosystems. There does not seem to have been a thorough search for the mosses and lichens mentioned. The Woodlands Trust report seems more hopeful but needs a more personal touch from them relating more specifically to Squirrel Wood rather than generally. I am sorry to have missed meetings. I live in Skellow within a short distance of Grange Road and well within the stench circle. If I can help in any way please let me know and I will be happy to attend any future meetings.

  • 19/00651/FULL
    I find it appalling that this pig factory is even considered so close to houses in three villages and schools where young children attend and play out.
    The smell from the factory and noise from them also the traffic it will cause is ridiculous to even think about.
    It should be planned way out in countryside where it wouldn’t interfere with people’s lives it’s absolutely disgusting that it is even being thought about .
    Mrs Rita Bond

  • This is appalling that it is being considered to build a pig farm in a beautiful picturesque village, with very narrow roads, near very old Saxon Church and beautiful houses and flora & forna….not that far from the famous Cromwell’s battery, and near our squirrel wood with all the creatures that habitat this lovely wood, also the scouts use this wood for camping. In our world at the moment governments are ignoring our nature…trees are lungs of the world giving us oxygen and taking out carbon monoxide, thus helping our world with Green house gases….we don’t need the stench of pigs, kept in not nice conditions…they should be in big fields outside out in the country away from houses and villages. We do not need lorry’s coming down our very narrow lanes at all hours …our is a lovely quiet sleepy village.

  • I am appalled that a pig farm in this sleepy, picturesque little village is even being considered. The lanes are very narrow, there are many old places and buildings, Burgwallis Saxon built church, Cromwell’s battery, squirrel wood which is used by the scouts. We do not need pigs in conditions that are cruel, smelly and not fit for pigs to survive in. It is time Governments put our Planet before Profit. Trees are lungs of the world they give us our life saving oxygen and take away harmful carbon monoxide, therefore hedgerows,trees,woods must be saved and all the creatures that contribute to keeping our eco system thriving. Leave our country side as nature intended.

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